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Sometimes the things we think work for us, just don’t anymore.
Sometimes there is just a better way.

We recently read a fun article about things from the past that no longer work or are outdated. Here are just a few we got a kick out of. Isn’t it amazing that at one time they seemed a critical part of our daily lives?!

  • Email accounts you have to pay for
  • VHS anything
  • Fax machines before “attachments”!
  • Going to a bank window for a withdrawal instead of an ATM!
  • Getting film developed
  • Public pay phones and those house phones with the cords that always got tangled!
  • Big 80’s hair!

Well, we’d like to add something else to the list of things that just don’t work or can be improved:

New Year’s Resolutions. That’s right. New Year’s Resolutions.

The fact is, even though 40% of us make resolutions, only 8% of us achieve them. So, today we are officially declaring that New Year’s resolutions are outdated and are proposing a better option.

#The 52 Week Challenge!

the #52WeekChallenge

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Our book, The 52 Weeks, just published on November 5 so now is the perfect time to challenge others to make time, get going, and shake things up.

So, forget about traditional resolutions. They just don’t work. Instead, start thinking about embracing The 52 Week mindset. The 52 Weeks is all about making a list of things you want to try or change about yourself, and at anytime of year. It’s about having fun, and about trying things out. It’s about taking time for yourself or others. It’s about how one step can lead to another and about reaching your goals without ever having to make a resolution.

We read another statistic that made us smile: women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends. It confirmed what we already knew: be accountable to a friend, or anyone, and you will be more successful. So take the #52WeekChallenge with someone or go solo. Add the “52 Week” approach to the new year and you will be off and running (just walking is okay too!)
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What are you waiting for? Get started!

Carve out time for yourself, try something new, focus on something you’d like to work on, and take some baby steps. You really can’t fail. It’s about simply checking things off as you do them. And, just like the chapters in our book (we’ve listed them below), you can focus on one area in your life or many.

Most of us will include a balance of things on our lists. But everyone’s 52 list will be different. The important thing is to write them down and share them with someone and then share them with us. Of course, let us know once you’ve tried it too! And we’ll check back with you to see how you are doing.

Need ideas? Check out our book here or just think about new things you want to try, fears you want to start tackling, places you want to go, things you want to do. They don’t have to be “big” goals; in fact, we encourage small steps, with no big end goal in mind. And don’t forget to tell someone. It really makes a difference.

So tell us your #52WeekChallenge here and you will be one of 5 people to receive a free copy of The 52 Weeks and be featured on our blog. Photos are great too. Send us one of you trying something new to get going again. Congrats! You took the first step. You’re on your way!

Get Inspired, Get Going and Get Unstuck!

Here are some of the recommended “52” categories to choose from:

Just for Fun, Wellness, Trying Something New, Arts & Culture, Relationships, Facing Fears, Giving Back, Reflection, Changing Course (all about career change), and Flying Solo (single and getting unstuck!).


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