About Karen & Pam

Karen Amster-Young   Pam Godwin
Karen Amster-Young Bio PhotoI’ve run a company, run to Bloomingdales when I can and try to run on the treadmill a few times a week. I love design and antiques, finding the perfect pair of jeans, and good movies. I value my friendships and adore a great casino in the Caribbean. Napping is high on my list as the ultimate luxury. I am married since Bill Clinton was first elected President and have a daughter that helps makes everything just seem better. Living in the city for 20 years I still find myself riding to the suburbs on occasion to get my fix of one-stop shopping. There’s something about putting packages in a trunk that calms my nerves.I am high-strung but not strung-out and constantly make to-do lists. I’ve been told I am too hard on myself but I am working on that.Embarrassingly, I am addicted to court TV shows like Judge Judy and love watching The Bachelor and American Idol with my daughter.I was, a long time ago, a great athlete and still enjoy a good game of tennis; I kid myself that I can still play well. I hate flying but like to travel. I also hate organizing closets and am perpetually challenged in that area.I believe dark chocolate and a good glass of white wine make a “bad” week better.

Professionally, I am a seasoned PR and marketing professional with over two decades of experience. In 1992 I founded Amster-Young Public Relations, Inc., which was my first “baby”. I launched big name brands, helped small companies get off the ground and met some amazing people in industries from fashion to food and hospitality to design. Over the years I won awards for stuff, including being named one of the top “Forty PR Stars under Forty” by PR Week magazine. Since 2003, I have been representing select clients as a consultant and am often called upon by companies and individuals looking for strategic counsel in all areas of marketing and PR. I am also a freelance writer; my articles and columns have been published in numerous magazines, predominantly in the Hamptons.

I am an avid entrepreneur, and am always passionately seeking exciting business opportunities – both personally and as a consultant. I reside in Manhattan with my husband, daughter and Lucy, our adorable puppy.




  Pam Godwin of The 52 WeeksI’ve planned classroom curriculums, birthday parties and Thanksgiving dinners, and have planned on going to the gym at least twice a week for the past 20 years – but I never ever planned on writing a blog or a book – yet here I am! Although I grew up in the suburbs, after 25 years in NYC I now consider myself a true urbanite. I love being able to walk the streets of the city, packages in hand, without worrying where I parked my car. While the buzz of city life invigorates me, I do like my quiet time too. Reading a good book makes me happy. Reading a good book on the beach makes me even happier. I have always considered myself a creative type, love to draw and putter, and adore all things “crafty”. I love to travel, but really hate to pack. I am not a fan of folding laundry either.Though I’ve officially been a stay-at-home mom, tutor, school board member (and now first time author!) for the past few years, professionally, I still consider myself a teacher. After receiving my master’s degree, I worked in the NYC public school system for over 10 years, both in the classroom and as a reading specialist. Prior to that, I worked for a non-profit agency resettling refugees.

I live in Manhattan with my husband, two daughters, our cat and two pet mice (don’t ask!).