Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Get Moving, Get Going or Just Get Over It!
Learn how to “guiltlessly” put yourself back on your to-do list despite life, work, family, or just feeling overwhelmed.  We’ll show you how to move forward and move from a “state of stuck!”

Just Eat Blueberries!  Big Isn’t Always Better
Small steps can lead to big changes.  A road map for moving forward, one baby step at a time.

I Don’t Want to Do This!  How One Teacher Learned to Love Her Blog & Move Forward
Pam didn’t like to blog, write or document what she did during her “52” journey. Learn how she still moved forward (kicking and screaming all the way!) and how you can too!

Women at Work:  Why Starting on Your Own “52” Will Lead to Greater Success at Work and Life
Professional women have their own set of challenges when it comes to finding time for themselves and moving ahead.  Join us with top business leaders as we share ideas and help you and your team succeed and move forward.

What a Great Idea! Okay, You Have a Great Idea…Now What?
For over 25 Years Karen, a veteran PR and marketing professional, has been helping brands stand out from the crowd.  Her experience and years of know-how, combined with principles from The 52 Weeks she will show you, step-by-step, how to maximize the success of your personal brand. How 52 went from an idea, to a blog to a book!

Contact Karen for more information or to book a speaking engagement.