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With permission from the authors of “The 52 Weeks: Two Women and Their Quest to Get Unstuck,”  I’m sharing the Foreword to the book, which I wrote, as a way to describe how I felt after turning 50. In a word . . . I felt stuck . . . until I realized what was keeping me there. […]


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categoryPosted: 04/25/14 1:19 AM

We’ve all heard it before:  New Year’s resolutions don’t work. In fact, according to an article in this week’s Huffington Post, psychologist Richard Wisemen says nearly 80 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions fail. Wiseman also says that resolutions can be achieved but most people simply set themselves up for failure. We couldn’t […]


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categoryPosted: 12/30/11 4:08 PM

A Walk in the Woods

by Pam Godwin

“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty.  She’s ninety-three today and we don’t know where the hell she is.”~ Ellen DeGeneres There is a nature preserve and a trail beyond the backyard and past the deer fence of my weekend getaway house. I look out the kitchen window every time […]


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categoryPosted: 04/20/11 11:40 PM