About This Blog

"If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good. ~Dr. Seuss"

On a cold winter night in late 2009, two friends, Pam and Karen, were having drinks – three to be exact – discussing a million and one things. You can blame it on the beverages, but we started talking about a shared ”restlessness”; we wanted to do more and experience new things, change things up a bit:  we both felt a bit stuck.

How had this happened despite living in one of the best cities in the world?  When had we stopped exploring new ways to fill the soul, stomach, or sense of self?  When was the last time either one of us tried something new, fun, challenging or ridiculous, simply in the name of personal or professional growth? Were our daily schedules and family obligations getting in the way? Was it fear? Laziness? Were we the only ones or just  typical of our age group?

As we finished our last drink, we realized that knowing why really wasn’t as important as figuring out how to grow, change, how to become “un-stuck”.

And so… the52Weeks was conceived.

Beginning this month, we have both committed to try something new, something different, something we were previously “afraid” to try each and every week for 52 weeks. Remembering that Dr. Seuss always delivered important life lessons in the simplest of words, we have taken that to heart. The essence of his straightforward quotes will help keep us on track throughout our 52 weeks.

As we tackle our list of 52, we are dedicated to helping each other along the way. We also hope to entertain and inspire others to get going, get moving, feel stronger and have a laugh. There may be hurdles and frustrations along the way but there will be many triumphs and successes too. We want to hear from you about them all!

The possibilities are endless for everyone….