52 New Things to Try This Summer!

by Karen Amster-Young

Sometimes you have to shake it up to get “unstuck.” Summer is a great time to try new things. So break out of your comfort zone and try something new, even if it’s seemingly small or insignificant. In fact, doing one new thing often leads to another. Did we mention that More magazine recently asked us at the 52 Weeks for our suggestions to include in a feature article about how making one small change can make a difference in your life?  We loved working with them and submitted many ideas – some adrenaline inducing, some not. And which of our ideas did they choose to include in their June article?

“Smile. The physical act can trick your brain’s neurotransmitters into thinking you’re happy!”


Out of all the more adventurous ideas we submitted, we found their choice amusing. But hey, experts say it works! Here’s our list of 52 New Things to Try. We left the smile advice only on More magazine’s list for now! What are you trying this summer?

  1. Go on a horseback ride
  2. Take up Saori Weaving
  3.  Do a tandem dive
  4.  Buy a lottery ticket
  5.  Go skinny dipping
  6. Decoupage an old piece of furniture
  7. Eat something you’ve never tried before
  8. Read a classic novel
  9. Swim with dolphins
  10. Learn a romance language
  11. Travel cross country
  12. Make out with a stranger
  13. Take surfing lessons
  14. Enjoy a candle-lit dinner with your kids
  15. Go paragliding
  16. Mentor someone
  17. If you’re always at the farm stand buying veggies, plant your own instead
  18. Take a nude drawing class
  19. Donate your home or time to the Fresh Air Fund
  20. Get your caricature done by a street artist
  21. Become a pen pal to an overseas soldier
  22. Have a photographer take some hot photos of you
  23. See one of the 7 wonders of the world
  24. Watch a meteor shower
  25. Ride a mechanical bull
  26. Play strip poker
  27. Throw a surprise party
  28. Enroll in an improv or storytelling class
  29. Go for a dance lesson
  30. Patent an invention
  31. Write your memoir
  32. Schedule time with parents or grandparents and record the conversations
  33. Learn everything there is to know about every flower you see
  34. Take a flying lesson
  35. Do a random act of kindness
  36. Learn how to drive a “stick shift” car
  37. Do nothing
  38. Go whale watching
  39. Fill and bury a time capsule
  40. Go topless at a nude beach
  41. Give a compliment to someone you don’t like
  42. Fall in love
  43. Write a book
  44. Make a picnic by a pond or a lake
  45. Paint a room
  46. Book a cruise, a cooking tour, a bike tour, any tour
  47. Try scuba diving
  48. Get banned from somewhere
  49. Build a bonfire in your backyard and roast s’mores
  50. Get on a train and go somewhere new. Don’t map it out.
  51. Eat kimchi
  52. Learn how to play Texas Hold ‘Em

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